Cobra Connector

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Cobra Connector

The Cobra Connector is a patented single integrated connector. It is a dual-walled device with PVC tubing at the head of the unit through which water flows. The outer wall is a tough U. V. stabilized convoluted nylon jacket which provides strength, flexibility, kink resistance and durability without reducing flexibility or ease of installation.

Polypropylene fittings are connected to the inside PVC tubing, and the outer nylon jacket at each end using Delrin bushings. The combination of these time tested, chemical resistant compounds not only assures long product life, but makes the Cobra Connector one of the most versatile and reliable products in the irrigation industry today.

The Cobra Connector® is ideal for use in a wide variety of applications. The unique flexibility provided by the PVC tubing combined with the rugged strength of the convoluted nylon jacket allows the Cobra Connector to be the answer to your irrigation problems.

As the following photos illustrate, the Cobra Connector allows you to easily design and install your irrigation systems.

The ease of use offered by the Cobra Connector is shown here. Whether you need to accurately place sprinklers or adjust to the local terrain, the Cobra Connector is the convenient solution.

Positioning a sprinkler near a sidewalk using The Cobra Connector

Positioning a sprinkler near a sidewalk

Exact positioning a sprinkler in a flowerbox using The Cobra Connector

Exact positioning a sprinkler in a flowerbox

You'll like the ease of working with the Cobra Connector. It's simple and quick. Just attach one end of the Cobra Connector to your sprinkler line, and the other end to the sprinkler head. Place the sprinkler head at the desired location and backfill with soil.
That's it! No messy glue, no assortment of sprinkler parts, and no aggravation. Also, the Cobra Connector can be adjusted in any direction - even after it's installed.

This unique new product simplifies traditional methods of irrigation design and installation. From the do-it-your-self homeowners to professional irrigation contractors, The Cobra Connector provides ease, versatility and strength, for a wide variety of irrigation projects.

The Cobra Connector

A variety of irrigation uses for The Cobra Connector

Exact positioning to a dripline using The Cobra Connector

Exact positioning to a sprinkler in the lawn using The Cobra Connector

You will find that the Cobra Connector is quick and easy to install, and that the hours of installation and repair costs will be saved on every job. This remarkable new connector is designed with you in mind.
The Cobra Connector will help provide a quality and cost effective solution for those troublesome jobs. In fact, you'll want to use the Cobra Connector on all your projects.


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Cal State University of Fresno Center for Irrigation Technology

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